Saturday, December 26, 2009

December 25th: Christmas Day

5 a.m.


Bleary eyed, I roll over and say "hmmm, yeah?" in a groggy certainly no where near awake voice.

"Santa came!"

More awake "He did? Did you go downstairs already?"

"YES!!! And he brought me a bike!"

Rolling over, "Dan, it's 5 am, should we go do Christmas?" hoping that he'll say no, it's too early.

"MMMM? Yeah, sure"

With that we bound (but not really) out of bed to head down stairs and let Joe start opening his gifts. Requirements: TV on, fireplace DVD playing, space heater on high to simulate fireplace, Christmas tunes playing, camera in hand... aannnndddd ACTION!!

And so, our Christmas Day begins.

"MOM!! The bike Santa brought me looks just like the one we donated to the family for your work!"

Nothing gets by this kid. However, he didn't put 2 and 2 together. Gotta admire his unwavering faith that Santa WILL bring him his bike.

Something new for 2009, Dan's request for stockings! Poor guy, he's never done stockings and is enthralled with the idea. I was agreeable as my Grandma would ALWAYS do stockings for us. However, I told Dan I was NOT doing my own stocking and that he would be required to purchase the items for my stocking. He did a STELLAR job! Godiva chocolates, bubble bath and other goodies were a delight to find!

Notice no pictures of Mom and Dan. Yup, too bleary eyed to actually do anything about it. So after gifts are open, Joe and Dan sit down to watch GI Joe while I try to nap to no avail. Thus, Mom and Dan swap places. Dan takes a nap and I start making pies.

Pies. What a fiasco. The fresh pumpkin is spoiled so I dump it out. Thankfully, I have canned pumpkin so grab that to start making pies. As I'm warming the pumpkin to put in the shells, it starts to boil and the eggs start to cook. NOW my pumpkin is lumpy and doesn't look quite right as I pour it into the crust shells. However, I cook it up anyway along with 3 ramekins filled with extra pumpkin filling.

With his movie over, Joe wants to ride his bike, but the pies aren't done. Finally, an 30 minutes later, they come out appearing not quite smooth but completely cooked. Breakfast has been cooked and eaten, so I sample a pumpkin ramekin... delicious despite the odd look of the pumpkin.

Next up, Joe and I go for a Christmas day bike ride/ run. He gets the hang of his bike with no issues and soon we're off to pre-burn some Christmas calories! It's a chilly but gorgeous morning.

Soon, it's time to head to grandma and grandpa's for more presents followed by lunch. Joe is so excited for Christmas #2!

We arrive at my folks to find family gathering. While the children sort presents, Dad fixed the disposal and I set up the camera.

Happy Mr. Fix-it.... "Come ON, Grandpa" Grandpa prompts.

Kids, ready to rock and roll!

This little kitty is a re-gift from Joe (who received it in his stocking) to Samantha. He isn't so much into the littlest pet shop.

They boy with his treasure trove pile.

The girl with HER treasures!

Joe-bro bragging about a gift to his wife, Kenzie

Sisters:Aunt Beth and

my mom

Samantha was curled up, post lunch with her Alive baby Cheetah... content and happy to hang out.

Dan is our resident Lego/Mega Blok builder. Today's loot was all Halo related and he was excited to get down to the business of building.

The finished product, well done, honey!

I forgot the white chocolate cherry cheese cake, so after dropping Joe at his Dad's for Christmas #3, Dan and I ran home to pick up wine, cheese cake and few other forgotten goodies. Note the mild lumpiness of the pumpkin pie. Thankfully the whipped cream hides the defects and it STILL tasted scrumptious!

Dan and I head to the theater to see the 6 pm showing of Sherlock Holmes. I loved it, but he only liked it. A busy but wonderful Christmas day. Wish it came more than once a year as I love the time off, seeing Aunt Beth, sharing it with my wonderful family and eating!