Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cloudy Sky

As I was leaving work this gorgeous Wednesday afternoon, I got the bug to take some pictures before heading home for dinner. Bible study AND dance class make for a crazy evening, but HAD to lap up the light. My original plan was to just take some landscape shots and play with the sky...

however I soon decided SOMEONE needed to be in the picture! Being that I was all alone, I grabbed the flash and the tripod. After a few minutes of button pushing I recalled where the self timer was. So I'd set the frame, pushed the button and ran for the pose.

LOVE the sky and the colors. Just took MCP Actions Color Crazy workshop. Jodi has taught me so much! These pictures may be super vibrant, but that's okay as that's how I wanted them... capturing the chill of a post Arizona Rain Storm.

Oh, as I was editing these images Dan asked "Hey, who took those????". Just me, babe! Gotta love the self timer.