Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December 8th: Visions

Okay, I admit, I'm actually writing this a few days past 12/08/09... however Joe and I went on our first every photowalk. Coincidentally, this was the day Shimelle (who is inspiring my 'Journal Your Christmas' this year) was ALSO recommending we capture the visions in our lift this day.

The photowalk was WAY fun, Joe and I spent about 45 minutes wandering around Crossroads while Dan stopped in a Barnes and Noble. What were the rules? 1) Don't take a picture of a person unless you ASK if you can take their picture. (We quickly deemed that taking pictures of each other and Dan (who refused our request to take his picture) as okay... anyone else, we had to ask). 2) No running into the street/ no playing in traffic. Beyond that, we were taking pictures of anything we deemed worthy. We stretched our creative eye and snapped, snapped and snapped some more! Here are some of the visions we captured.

Photo's by Joe:

Him of me:

Me of him:

The lady a Pier 1 Imports asked if she could help us with anything. I said "Nope, we're just here to take pictures." She rewarded me with a look that claimed I was "odd" but let us proceed.
Photo's by Lisa

Here, if you look closely, you will find that I captured on digital 'film' an elusive rare creature. His 'coat' helps him blend with his surroundings however he is there, behind the headboards.

More by Lisa

When all was said and done, we took our chilled bodies to Chipolte for some fine eats and reviewed our captured images. SO much fun! Joe and I can't wait for our next one and NEXT TIME I'll let him take the D40x. I'm such a nice mommy.

(photo by Joe)