Sunday, December 6, 2009

December 6th 2 memories

Happy and Sad Christmas Memories:

Thinking of my sad memory is easy. Last year, Joe spent the night at his Dad's house Christmas Eve. We didn't have him for Christmas Eve Service, nor did we have him for Christmas Morning. Waking up with out his excitement made the day feel completely ordinary. We didn't get to see him until after noon and I must say, it was a sad Christmas for me.

So many happy memories come to mind. The year Joe and I saved up enough money to replace mom and dad's console TV with a new (for the time) BIG TV. Seeing their surprise at such a nice gift was wonderful. I also recall Joe and I getting matching leather jackets when I was in college and he was in high school. Finally, I have VERY fond memories of the Christmas Eve parties at the Brantl's. Luminaries lighting their drive, taking a post dinner walk in the dark looking for Santa's sleigh, midnight service at St. Tim's and the fudge... oh the fudge is to DIE for! Some nights we'd get home to see Santa had visited and we'd HAVE to open presents right then at 1 am... sometimes we'd wait and sleep till 6 the next morning to open the gifts.

I love Christmas, so many happy times!

Joey: "One Christmas memory is opening up my favorite Christmas present. Last year it was the Vulcan CS-6 Nerf Machine Gun. My saddest Christmas memory is opening up my math book."