Friday, December 4, 2009

December 4th Perfect Christma

A perfect Christmas... what makes up my perfect Christmas?

Family is key. Last year, Joe spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with his Dad. They day just didn't feel right.

Church is essential. Celebrating Jesus' birth with a Candle Light Service is part of tradition. Hearing Roger's voice as he leads us in the last song of the night... it makes the whole day.

Presents. Watching this kids (Joe and Samantha) open their gifts, makes me smile just thinking of their joy and excitement.

A fire in the fireplace (So sad we don't own one any more) and Christmas Music - that's what celebrating at our house is.

Dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's on their fine Christmas China.

Surrounded by family, remembering the TRUE reason for the season, laughing and loving.

Joe, "Me waking up, dashing down stairs to present. THen going to another house and getting more presents!"