Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December 29th Part 2: Luminaries at the Desert Botanical Gardens

We were rained out for the Tuesday 12/22/09 Luminaries at the Desert Botanical Gardens. HOWEVER we were able to rebook our tickets for the following week. WOW, am I glad we did! The whole family met for dinner at Applebee's and then off to the Desert Botanical Gardens for the evening.

There were a number of people present for the Luminaries and the family wandered around quite a bit. We stopped to listen to the choirs, hand bells and jazz holiday music. It was LOVELY!

The whole family seemed to enjoy the evening. The two kids ran, played and pretended. They also enjoyed counting the luminaries that were out.

The adults enjoyed the crisp night air and each other's company.

The luminaries glowed and flickered softly along the path, Christmas lights highlighted various trees, soft music played and a glowing blue moon. The garden is magical!

The clan stopped for hot chocolate and checked out the "ice" skating rink, which was a large white Plexiglas square, slightly less slippery than ice. Folks seemed to be enjoying their time on the "ice".

By Far, my favorite part of the evening was just before we left. I stopped Dan and asked him to dance with me. We did a wee bit of rumba in the midst of the park while a slow holiday blues song played in the background.

Dan and I determined that we will certainly return next year, maybe just the two of us for a date night. Nothing sounds more divine than strolling leisurely hand in hand through the gently glowing pathways, enjoying a glass of wine and stopping for an occasional slow dance in the midst for the gorgeous garden!