Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December 29th: Chandler Environmental Education Center Veterans Oasis Park

Today Joe had a playdate with a "new" friend. D and Joe have been in Sunday school class for a number of years, however never spent time together until Joe was invited to Awanas by D last year. They have since become fast friends. Today we had D over to play... the two played Wii, spent time having an indoor and outdoor nerf war and a Lego "build-off".

They played while I took down the Christmas decorations and packed up the tree. Finally, I loaded up the boys and we headed off to grab a bite to eat. We got lunch to go and headed to the Chandler Environmental Education Center at Veterans Oasis Park. I recently attended a volunteer event there for work and wanted to poke around on the many trails the park had to offer. The boys were reluctant thinking it to be a dull journey, however after a stern warning NOT to hug any cactus we ambled off. The young en enjoyed exploring as much as I did and were somewhat willing models for me.

I enjoyed the lighting, weather, location and company. (Note to self: This will make a GORGEOUS location for an outdoor shoot in the future!) Joe kept running off pretending to hug cacti while D and I chatted about pets and local wild life.

I enjoyed listening to the two of them converse... I have often wondered "What DO nine year old boys talk about?" Apparently Sponge Bob Square Pants is a popular topic. They discussed their favorite episodes and Joe mentioned that he was disappointed that the Sponge Bob movie doesn't air on cable as frequently as it used to. Later, they discussed plots for world domination and pretend war. A typical boy topic, I presume.

Our favorite part of the park was this little waterfall. We climbed high and we climbed low. For these pictures, I actually laid on a rock in the midst of the stream as the boys climbed in up higher. I almost rolled off, but thankfully did not. (Water and my lovely camera would NOT mix!!!)

When we returned home the boys resumed their play with a Halo battle and enjoyed hot chocolate and chocolate cookies. (Dan laughed when I shared this with him. I think it's because I'm not usually this "motherly" nor "domestic".)

The two young men had a lovely time together and it ended far to quickly. Fortunately, D is just down the street from us and I know we'll be having more play time with him soon!