Thursday, December 24, 2009

December 24th: Christmas Eve - Dan's Birthday

Traditions for Christmas Eve:

One of our favorite things about our church is the candle light Christmas Eve service. Pastor Storms does a marvelous job with the message and the worship team does a delightful job with the music but the capstone event of the evening is the candle lighting that happens at the end of service. The lights go out, the candles get light and Roger leads us in an acapella version of "Silent Night". It brings a tear to my eye every year and is as much a part of our Christmas traditions as a tree and presents.

The second part of our Christmas Eve tradition is celebrating Dan's birthday with dinner, cake and gifts. This year was no exception. Dan requested bar-b-que for dinner so we catered Dave's. Delicious! Then, for his cake, he requested yellow with chocolate frosting. It, too, was delicious and didn't last long... Happy 36th birthday, darling!

After dinner, cake and gifts, the children went upstairs to play and the family watched Dan's birthday gift "The Hang Over". Dad, Aunt Beth and McKenzie loved it and laughed as much as Dan, Joe and I did. Time laughing with family is always something special to cherish.