Friday, December 18, 2009

December 18th: Christmas Dinner

The feast!

Usually takes place at Mom and Dad's house on Mom's fine Christmas China. Dan, Dad and I partake of a glass of wine. (Yummy!) Attendance varies depending on how the day was coordinated. But when it works our right, it's everyone at Mom and Dad's for a few hours to open gifts and eat.

The kids are a joy to watch with their presents. Dad works the ham or turkey. A man HAS to mash the potatoes. Usually is Joe Bro although Dan has been known to step in on a rare occasion. Salad, a warm veggie like corn or green beans and rolls round out the meal. We eat until almost bursting. However we still find room for pie. Pumpkin and apple for sure, sometimes cherry. Delicious! Whipped cream is a must and there are usually cookies for munching.

A movie is popped in post dinner and someone (Joe-bro) almost always takes a quick cat nap on the floor while were hanging out. The kids run through all their toys and the adults laugh and talk. I love Christmas with my family!