Thursday, December 17, 2009

December 17th: Santa Bringed Me My Bed!

Sometimes you land on the perfect gift... sometimes it screams to you for one you love. I've found a couple of such gifts and think I have a few in store this year... although we shall see.

Regardless... one memory does stick out. Now I must find the video and load to you-tube so you all can see too! That may happen many months from now. If at all. We shall see!

The situation: On a trip with Dan and Joe to IKEA in 2004-ish, Joe found the tent bed. OH, he wanted it so badly! Well Santa brought it for him and placed it in his room on Christmas Eve. When he returned home that night from his Dad's house, Dan and I followed him upstairs. He walked into his room and THERE was his bed with a bright red bow on it!

"Joey, what IS it?"
He turns to look at me over his shoulder with a big smile on his face and twinkle in his eye. "Santa bringed me my bed!"
Indeed he had for the good little boy! Oh, his delight in sleeping is such a neat big boy bed...