Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December 16th: Grateful

Giving Thanks. It's not something we should only do at the holidays, but all year round. However I find myself thinking of and journaling about things I'm grateful for more often during this two month span.

  • Sweet baby Jesus, Son of God, born and died for me!
  • My salvation through Jesus!
  • My amazing husband - I love his smile, his positive attitude, his sense of humor, his wisdom. He is my sounding board, confidant and biggest support. I pray I provide the same for him!
  • My darling son - I love his smile, they way he thinks and his sense of humor. I love that he tries new things and loves me in spite of being grumpy on occasion!
  • My parents - they have role modeled a solid marriage for 37 years, they are there for each other providing strengths for the other's weaknesses and support each other always. They raised us in a loving home and taught us unconditional love... even when I was an evil teenager worthy of drowning! :)
  • My brother - he is, in many ways, my opposite (calm, deep, quiet, astoundingly intelligent, handsome an stable to name a few) and so many things I admire that I wish I could be. How can two people from the same DNA be so different? In anycase, I adore him!
  • My S-I-L and Niece - Such sweet girls! They are both always there for Joe as he travels with his work. Supporting each other through troubled times and long distances... They always have a ready smile and positive attitudes. I covet Samantha's twinkle toe sketchers!
  • My friends - Where would I be without my girls? Who would listen to my boring stories? Who would make me run that extra mile or lift that last set? Who would support me when I laugh, cry or vent angrily about a rough day? I would be lost without them, their support and love! 
  • My job - Intel has treated me so well. From an MBA to pushing me to try new things. I'm in a job I never thought I would be able to do, yet here I am... more or less surviving! The source of many new friends and income to make other dreams come true. Benefits that help me enjoy life to it's fullest. 
  • My other job - A true blessing from God. Never in my wildest imaginations did I fathom that I would be able to turn my passion of photography into something that provides me a little bit of money. The stars have truly aligned... the right people in the right places to give my so much opportunity! Lord, please continue to guide my path and help me make the right decisions!
  • My health - I LOVE to be able to exercise and enjoy life's adventures in a more healthy way. I love to eat my veggies and try new healthy recipes. I feel great and plan to continue this 2 year journey for the rest of my life!
Wow... a long list, very cathartic... I am so blessed...