Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Cold December Morning

Dan knows good people, and these fine folks are no exception. We'll call them the L family. :)I first had the pleasure of first meeting them at Dan's boss's birthday party. I immediately like Mrs. L. and knew the Mr. L. had become a fast friend of Dan's... they are x-box junkies, playing games online together until late at night.

I often wondered if Mrs. L felt as much an x-box widow as me... we laughing joke about our status! One of these days, when the men are playing, we WILL get together and hang out with a nice glass of wine while the children play. If only we lived closer to each other... we'd be lushes from all the wine while the guys play!
In anycase, we have shared many a fun Saturday night hanging out with this fantastic family playing games, chatting and laughing till late.
Our boys get along fabulously and the daughter bounces between the adults and boys. I love her name for the sheep of Catan, Pearl! They are ALL Pearl!
Mrs. L. is a teacher. She is one of those rare gems that parents petition to make certain their son or daughter end up in her class. Watching her with her own two darling children, Mrs. L. has a true gift and way with kids!
Mr. L works with Dan and is clever man with a fantastic sense of humor.
We are so blessed to have them in our life and so fortunate to enjoy time with them.
Thank you L. Family for being such AWESOME troopers on a SUPER chilly December morning, taking pictures at 7:30 am. To be honest, you don't even look all that cold!