Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Santan Hike with the Kiddo

I need my work out. Lots of calorie burn and what the heck, let's take the Kiddo with!

"Do you want to go hiking? We can eat breakfast at the top of the mountain."

"That sounds great, Mom!"

Off we trot to buy doughnuts at the store. We return to leave some with Dan then hit the trail.

The Kiddo grumbles a little, but all in all holds up very well.

We get to the top and perch on our rock to take in the view, snap some photos and eat breakfast before heading on.

We came in through the harder steep side, stop for breakfast, then head down the easier side, turn around to come back UP the easy side and finally down the hard side and out.

The Kiddo feigned weakness, however he was a trooper and did a fantastic job.

All in all, we hiked for 1:41 minutes and covered 3.42 miles. Good job, kiddo! Can't wait to do it again. You are always so entertaining!