Saturday, November 21, 2009

Strathman Family

My darling friend Susan. What can I say about her? She is a manager extraordinaire (the best I've ever had), she is an amazing athlete, a loving mother, devoted wife and cherished friend! Her insight into life and sense of humor make our Saturday runs the highlight of my week. In addition to all that, she was my very first photography customer almost two years ago already! I've grown as a photographer and she's done nothing but encourage me. THANK YOU, SUSAN!
I had the pleasure of taking pictures of her family again this weekend.
Her son and daughter are such a joy. Susan's son is a sweet little chatter box who loves sharing stories with those he knows.
However, Susan's daughter is a little bit on the shy side with new people... Susan shares these AMAZING dialogues she has with her daughter, but I couldn't remember the last time I had heard her speak.
Never fear, Susan had the fantastic idea of having Dan and I over for dinner the night before to warm up the kids for our pending photo session.
It was a FABULOUS idea!
On her own turf, this little girl opened up! She is so verbal once she is past the shyness. Both children had a great time showing me their rooms AND their favorite toys.
Having spent some time with the children before the picture session made for some great pictures.
I have to tell you, one of the best parts of my job is making kids smile their true real smile AND hearing the tinkle of their sweet laughter!

I love my "job"! Thanks again, Susan, for sharing your darling family with me. :)