Saturday, October 31, 2009

Master Chief

Joe loves Star Wars! For Halloween he wanted to be Boba Fett however the kid's costumes at Party City are now too small for him. Well, not so small per say as simply too short! When did this kid get so tall? We wandered over to the men's costumes to see if something there would work for him. I asked the sales lady to please bring us Luke Skywalker, but for whatever reason Joe refused to be Luke for Halloween.

But then...
 I spied it...

Please, kind lady, tell us you have #869??! Please?

The young lady quickly returned and, looking at me with a puzzled expression, "But it's not Star Wars..." "I know, but it's okay." I whirl around, "JOE! It's MASTER CHIEF! What do you think? "

Hesitantly, he glanced at the costume. He seemed initially not nearly as excited as I had anticipated. My initial rush of enthusiasm and Joe dampened slightly we started walking to the check out lane.

"Mom, I need a new gun for this one."
"I don't think so, this costume in $80! You're going to wear it every year until you outgrow it!"

We make our purchase and leave. Having solved his gun issue, Joe starts to warm up to the costume. Once we get it on him, he LOVES IT! Post Halloween, he's even worn it a few times since, just to play.

After all, per Joe, "Halo is life!"

Don't mess with Master Chief.