Sunday, October 25, 2009

Colorado - Weekend to Remember Retreat

After Friday night's intro, it's back to the conference room for more Weekend to Remember. The husband wife speaker are Mr. and Mrs. Tim Kimmel, who started Family Matters. The day is focused on God's plan for marriage.
Each session has a homework assignment to complete and portions of that assignment are then shared with your spouse. It's a great way to reconnect and baseline the health of your marriage, fostering deeper understanding of your spouse and rekindled unity. My favorite part of the day is the love letters you write to each other. The Saturday sessions end early, about 3 pm so the couples can have some alone time on a date night! (My other favorite part of the weekend)

For our date night we enjoyed Red Robbin burgers after seeing Paranormal Activity... the horror movie that was was my "love gift" to Dan. I can't stand horror movies, but told Dan I would go with him since none of his normal movie guys would attend. Sadly, I had nightmares for 3 nights after seeing it! I don't recommend the movie, but the conference and time together with my sweetie was AMAZING!