Sunday, October 25, 2009

Colorado - Last day of Retreat, Laurie Time!

After wrapping up our time at the Weekend To Remember conference around lunch time, Dan and I hit the bar for some 'game time' and lunch. We had afternoon plans to meet with my darling long time friend Laurie and her children.

By this time, some weird white stuff had started falling from the sky. Laurie graciously drove the 5 of us up a nearby mountain (at Dan's request) so we could get a taste of the Colorado Rockies.

We took these pictures at a lake not far from her house up in the mountains... notice her flip flops? For a native Arizonan she has certainly acclimatized to the colder weather.

I, on the other hand, am FREEZING MY BOOTIE OFF!

We then drove back to the little town to do some sight seeing and finish off the evening with some of the best pizza I have EVER tasted!

It's always nice to get a taste of snow, at least once near the holiday season. For me, this quenched my thirst for cold and snow (and reminded me why I still live in Phoenix!).

The river was flowing and was so serene. I hope to return in sometime in the summer or spring to see this same area covered with lush green.

A huge thanks to Laurie and her darling kids for treating us to a wonderful evening in Colorado, showing us some of the local sights, introducing us to some delectable treats and offering us perfect companionship!