Sunday, August 16, 2009

Just Another Sunday

I Love Sundays. After an awesome sermon at Chandler Christian Church, we head out to lunch with my family. Usually Mom, Dad, Brother, S-I-L and niece, Spunky Girl, join Dan, the Kiddo and I. However today was 2-year old day at church. Since Dan was home sick, Mom helped me out. It was a wild and exhausting day. However, we all grouped up for lunch afterwards. Today was lunch at the O.G. - Olive Garden. (I even managed to resist the 150 calorie bread stick temptation!) I love my family and I adore this time with them.
Stone wall at our Church
Papa                     and                  Grammy
The Kiddo
I LOVE those eyes of my darling hubby... so blue and so gripping, the suck me right in!
Later that night, with our messy table behind them, my boys pose for an off camera flash photo.