Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gym Time

A change. This Sunday afternoon, work sponsered an event at a local gym for 2 hours. The kids get to come in and free play. Always looking for something to do with the Kiddo that involves exercise, we head out without hesitation.

Stop one was the big foam block pit. The Kiddo jumped right in and started bouncing around.
Soon, running buddy and dear friend Susan and her hubby Tyler showed with their two bubbly, happy children.
This adorable little princess had a great time showing me what she has learned on the trampoline in gymnastics class. Her energy and smile were barely containable!
This little guy has the sweetest smile and is oh so chatty. I love to hear what he has to say next!
I love spending time with these kiddos!
Although the adults weren't technically "allowed" to play on the equipment, Susan snuck into the foam pit with the kids. Love this shot of Susan and her daughter.
LOVE this pictures of Susan
This girl was made for the gym as she showed me her front flip on the trampoline. Way to go, girlfriend!
Here, Susan demonstrates her AMAZING strength, showing me her crazy-mad arm AND abs strength! LOVE IT!
Once I saw Susan brave the pit, I decided I need a photo op for the Kiddo and I. He quickly hopped over for this sweet shot. (Thanks Susan!)
However, getting out of the pit was an entirely different story. I think the more you weigh the harder it is because the little ones did so gracefully and with ease while I lumbered out ungracefully for what seemed like HOURS!!
The Kiddo tried the trampoline and after a few test bounces, got to trying some tricks.
More running... non stop!
The Kiddo is telling his friends "I just need a minute here." As he tries to catch his breath. Like I said, this kid did NOT stop the entire time we were there.
Did I mention that at first the Kiddo wanted me out there with him playing... but his tune changed a short 30 minutes later when I asked him if I was bothering him by taking pictures and if he wanted me to leave him alone so he could play with his new (and nameless) friends. He firmly told me "Yes!" in a "get lost mom" voice. :) Ahh the grow up so quickly.
the Kiddo's two nameless friends (I mean really, WHO can be bothered with learning names???) were an older boy and another boy about his age. The three of the got along fabulously and ran all over the gym trying all the equipment for the two hours we were there. They were even pretty good about avoiding the smaller children playing nearby.
Just before leaving the Kiddo started playing on the rings, not sure what's up with the crazy "thinking tongue"...
At the bottom of one of the pits, the Kiddo climbed down. I LOVE the eerie light contrast at the bottom and had him do a scared look for me... cool.
I will mention that he fell asleep quickly that night... oh, and for grammy, I made sure he actually used SOAP on his sweaty little head.