Friday, August 28, 2009

Date Night with the Diamondbacks

It's Friday night and time for something different from our normal dinner and a movie. The United Way rented 3 suites for the Diamondback's game, Dan and I snagged two tickets and off we went!

But first, a healthy dinner - hot dogs are not going to fly for me! Hope they have popcorn...

A gorgeous sunset and perfect light has me throwing the camera to Dan asking him to snap a few shots. Love that red shirt and the jeans are fun, too!
Inside the park we wander to find the suites from which we'll watch the game. Popcorn and other ball park food is served, yummy! We wander between the three suites and cheer on the Diamondbacks. When the action is happening (and the Diamondbacks were rockin') the game is fun. Unfortunately, TV commercials slow the game way down and make it far less interesting to watch.
After the fourth inning, we bail and head home. A great time had, new people met and our first Diamondback's game together.
To boot, I get to leave with the most handsome man there!