Saturday, July 25, 2009

Luke Turns One

My sweet little blue eyed friend is one today! I can't believe how quickly this year has FLOWN by! I'm so proud of my friend Jenn, she is such an amazing Mom. If I could be a kid again, I'd pick her! She makes so many excellent choices each day for her family and goes against the main stream (in a GREAT way!). I wish I had had the strength, time and energy to do as she is doing when my Kiddo was little.
Today, is party day! I want to TOUCH THAT CAMERA!!! And maybe take a taste, too!
Later, a Diamond Back's came. First game for a first birthday, so sweet!
Yayyy for me!
After a rendition of "Happy Birthday" it was time to dig into the cake. Raspberries and homemade whipped frosting quickly disappeared. For the adults, Jenn made her famous chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. It had candles for 17... that's for the countdown to 18! I LOVE that idea... very funny, cute and all in good humor.
But HOW to get into the delicious banana cake mom made just for me? Maybe just bite a chunk out of it?
I am fairly certain I can fit this WHOLE piece of cake in my mouth.
Mom, that was FANTASTIC!!! Got anything else I can eat?