Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Last Day of 3rd Grade

First day of third grade.
Our school district runs year round and longer than most, however they get many two week breaks during the year where other schools only see one week. It all works out in the end. Regardless, I'm sad to see this year draw to a close. The Kiddo had a PHENOMENAL teacher this year. Caring, kind, smart yet disciplined. She kept those kiddos in line AND they LOVED her for it. I've never seen a class adore a teacher so much and with good reason!

Memorable things for this year? Well, as evident from the pictures: the addition of having to wear classes every day. Learning to write in cursive. Harder math, written and oral reports, rain forest project, lots of reading, larger shoe size (men's size 8 WOW!), a few inches and bigger clothes sizes, learned to pack his own lunch, and most notably... NO TRIPS TO THE PRINCIPALS OFFICE THIS YEAR! AMEN!!! The first year ever. I think a celebration is in order tonight.

Last day of third grade.