Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hangin' with our girls - the Wallers

We love these gals! There is nothing better than the sounds of the kids laughing and playing upstairs (with an occasional tear) while we adults chill. Mr. B couldn't make it this trip as he is working hard on his MBA program. And while we did miss him, we are SO proud of him and more than happy to entertain the gals while he slaves away on homework..

D brought up G, who is 6 weeks younger than the Kiddo, R and A. These girls are so sweet and well behaved, a true joy to have around. We played at the pool, all the kids and Dan braved the cold water. D and I opted out and stayed warm on the side lines.

Post dinner the kids were still sugar high from snacks at the pool, so we took them all to the park to burn off that extra energy. D and I shared a bottle of La Terre cab (YUMMY!) and Dan brought out some goldschlager. Rounds of Catan were played, and we stayed up waayyyy late.

Sunday found us at Grimaldi's Pizza for Bruschetta (add chicken!) and Pepperoni pizzas. The Kiddo remarked that this was THE BEST pepperoni pizza he'd EVER had! That says a lot as the kid is a connoisseur of pizza and wings.

A great weekend that flew by WAY too fast, we can't wait for our next adventure with them.