Monday, June 29, 2009

Child of the Corn

Playing with my new lensbaby, I've been hearing the "call of the corn". Growing quickly in the hot June sun there are cornfields all over near us.
On the way to take the Kiddo to his Dad's house we stopped to take some pictures in the setting sun. A lovely night.
I had a great time taking pictures although I think the Kiddo was less than thrilled to be my model.
THIS POSE so reminds me of his Dad... his Dad often has the same similar pose!
On a random note, looking at the cup the Kiddo is holding. The Kiddo has only recently begun to enjoy Paradise Bakery, tuna is his favorite. And the fruit cup minus the honey dew mellow. And of course the cookie.
This looks is the
"Come on MOM!!! WHAT???"
or maybe it's
"Come ON Mom, aren't we done?"
The thinkin' man.