Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Date Night with the Kiddo

Dan is at the Diamondback's game with his friends, so the Kiddo and I had a date night!

His elementary school was having a fund raiser at a local tavern, off we went to eat a good meal and support his school. We always have such interesting conversations when we go out to eat and tonight was no exception. While I tried to draw him out to tell me what he thought was important in a girl to date, he remained adamant that he didn't know. Someone "good" he said. I asked him what he meant by that and he responded with an exasperated "I don't know". Okay, change of topic.

Usually restaurants give crayons and paper to kids to entertain them, however the Kiddo got wikki stix - those heavily waxed strings that are so popular. We made all sorts of characters with them including our names, a rhino and a girl and a boy. We had a good time chuckling over the girl figure (me) losing her head and mussing up her "hair".

The Kiddo shared stories about his friends from school, Sweet C, H-man and some others. This H-man chap seems like wild child. When I asked him if any of his friends used curse words, yup, H-man was the one mentioned. When I asked him what words, the Kiddo told me with either finger gestures (middle finger or pointing down to "Satan's home), or telling me in a hushed whisper. When asked if he used them he said no. Good! I learned about who gets in trouble and school for talking and who doesn't. He also shared with me his recent AR scores which are now above the 85% mark level at 87% - he was so proud!

Worked with my black backdrop tonight in prep for Saturday's photo shoot with Wendy and her family. Here is a picture of the Kiddo and I. I much prefer to shoot THROUGH the umbrella for that soft light look that reflected back. Need a white reflector, too.