Friday, April 17, 2009

So much to do!

There is never enough time!

It's been a super busy month as I wrestle with self doubt about starting my own business. I'm SO blessed to have friends, family and OF COURSE my amazing husband to support me as I wrestle and ultimately decide to GO FOR IT! That's all been in the last week or so...

so, what have I been doing besides all that?

The Kiddo and I spent some time reading in Barnes and Noble. Can I tell you how much fun it's been to have him grow up enough that we can do this kind of stuff?

The Kiddo's 9th b'day party at Peter Piper Pizza wasn't the smashing success we had hoped, filled with friends from school, but it did encompass the entire family and lots of laughs and love were shared!

Spunky Girl turned 6 and we celebrated at her house with pizza, cake, ice cream, family and more gifts that you can shake a stick at!

A picture I took of the Kiddo during the summer of 2008 at swim lessons was used as the photo logo for the company that provides the service! He's also the header on the website and was in the paper everyday for at least 1 week in two local towns!

My blue eyed baby boyfriend turned 8 months old and posed for some pictures.

Better than Christmas, Girlfriend Nancy was in town for the week and got to spend some wonderful time with her!

Went to a FABULOUS women's retreat in Prescott, where we saw SNOW our first night! I played photographer and some of them turned out okay. Need to work on my location flash shots.

Celebrated Easter with the family.

Said goodbye to a dear friend and loyal companion, Suede, bringing tears to the eyes of everyone in the house.

Went on a bike ride with the boy to get the accouterments for strawberry shortcake.

And saw my blue eyed boyfriend yet again, yesterday.

What other things we have done? We bought Dan a new desk at IKEA and he put it together. We de-cluttered and re-organized the Kiddo's bedroom. I've been working, doing a bible study, and generally keeping busy and out of trouble!