Monday, December 22, 2008

Fantastic weekend!

What a fantastic weekend for me! I got to spend time with 3 of my nearest and dearest friends.
Dominique came down with her adorable girls for Dan's b'day party this weekend. She and I have known each other since we met through Mike in college... the year 1991. We've been through ups and downs, shared the experience of our first pregnancies together and have watched our oldest children grow up together. Something I look forward to doing for the rest of our lives. She is a strong, intelligent, and confident woman who has taught me to be a better mother, embrace beauty and walk tall. Her impact on my life is permanent and I'm blessed to know her!

Today, I got to spend the day with Beth and Laurie whom I've known since elementary school. Why they still put up with me, I'll never know yet we get together as frequently as we can, now that Laurie has moved out of state. Today was lunch, shopping, pedi/manicures and, of course, cold stone. YUMMY! Laurie, a working mother of two has a wonderfully realistic perspective on life. I envy her ability to focus on what's important and always face life with a smile and sense of humor. Beth is a math wizard... one of the smartest people I know! Without her, I never would have made it into grad school. She and her hubby share our passion for kitties and they have a tender heart towards strays near their house. Both of these ladies make my world a better place. We have stood by each other through think and thin. I'm sure we'll know each other until we're little shrivelled old, gray-haired ladies, driving like the snowbirds that drive us crazy.

How blessed am I? :) :)