Thursday, December 11, 2008


I am exhausted and ready for bed, my contacts are completely dried out and I think my eyeballs are glued open at this point. Dan is on the couch next to me playing with his online pals and in wave 15 of Gears of War 2. He's looking for boomshot... whatever that is! Oh, and this game? NOT recommended for the younger ones, so we won't be playing this during "family time".

I've found a number of cool things to do with my spare time!

1) Days of December from Ali Edwards
which times in nicely to
2) Journal your Christmas which I've signed up for and am in the process of writing. Not many pictures taken as of yet.
However, this ties in nicely to some altered art journal and distressing techniques I found online at
3)Tim Holtzs' blog. Where he's doing 12 tags of Christmas. His pictures and step by step instructions make them look so darned easy! And I'm a sucker, LOVED some of the stamp sets he's using so ordered them. Wonder if they'll show up before Christmas?
4) From TIm's blog I found some ranger tutorials and while mine don't look quite like the picture, I have been having a blast plying with Tim's products. As for the ornaments? I think maybe I need to watch the video again...

Lots to do still on the creative front, I need to package up the rest of my secret santa cosmo gift for shipping (and received my package yesterday. It's sitting under the tree and BEGGING to be opened but I've vowed to wait till Christmast day). Pages for the yearly scrap books I'm continuing to make for my folks, Joe and Kenzie, Kenzie's folks and Aunt Beth. Wrap presents, bake banana bread and the like.

At least the Kiddo and I finally strung a good portion of the outdoor Christmas lights. Not the hanging ice-cycles yet as I've been too lazy to get the ladder out. May have to live with out them this year.

So, off to bed I go with fingers stained red, brown and black from tonights ink play. Time to curl up with Janet Evanovich before lights out.