Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Week In The Life, Wednesday Day 3

Up at 4:45 am. Bible study. 5:30 am hit the gym for weights and cardio.
7:30 am after a shower, head to my desk to start my work day.
7:35 am Put on make-up and then head to the cafe with friend Nichole for a cup of hot tea.
8:00 am breakfast of yogurt, tea and a piece of fruit.
9:00 am call into my first meeting.
Another self portrait
11:30 am go grab my lunch
1:00 pm meeting
2:00 pm another meeting
3:00 pm another meeting
4:45 pm leave work
5:10 pm meet Dan at Chipolte for dinner.
6:00 pm shopping at Barnes & Noble
8:00 pm arrive back home. Let the dog out and prepare nightime snack of fruit, skinny cow and non-fat chai tea.
8:30 pm watch pre-recorded House episode from 9/30
9:15 off to bed
9:30 pm off to bed