Thursday, October 2, 2008

Week In the Life, Thursday Day 4

5:15 am - slept in today... sooo tired!
7:00 am - done with 45 min elliptical burned my 500 calories, yeah!
11:45 am Lunch time: salad, bananna, and whole wheat english muffin.
4:30 pm Love this lip color!
4:45 pm let me outa here!
4:50 pm leaving work
5:15 pm dinner at BJ's with Dan.
Dan's favorite accoutrements.
5:20 no more Pazookie! YUMMY!!!
5:45 SHOPPING! Bare Escentuals store and Lego store (wow.... how cool is THIS place?)
6:05 pm - yup, it's good it's a Thursday night and no one is out at the movies!
6:10 pm arrive for Eagle Eye
6:15 pm - preview for the new 007 movie
8:30 pm arrive home: get the mail, let the dog out and work on pictures!
10:40 pm head to bed!