Sunday, October 5, 2008

Week In The Life, Sunday 10/5/08

Sunday morning run (at what point does jogging become runnign?). I noticed this morning at some point my foot pod lost communication with my wrist watch. So, it lies a wee bit when it says I ran 5.18 miles. I actually only ran about 4.6, and walked another .2 disappointing to say the least... I just need to hang in there, I'll be to 5miles soon.
Sunday best... okay our church is pretty casual, but that's how we fit right in!
I love our church!
A "game show" at our church.
I love to read!
The boy's new favorite store.
Dan loves to torture poor the Kiddo. Here they are picking on each other in the parcking lot. You'll often hear me say, "Do I need to separate the two of you??????"
This medallion has been hanging in whatever car I own, since college. It travels with me where ever I drive.
Dinner out with my folks.
A boy and his papa... these two are best of buds.