Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ties that Bind

"That's it Mom, I'm getting revenge!" - the Kiddo

"Run, Honey, don't let him kill you!" - Dan

"Who ever killed me is going SMACK DOWN!" - the Kiddo

"Ahh, DUDE, you were bad!" - the Kiddo

"Yeah, I beat you down." - Dan

"Did you just run away from me like a sissy girl?" -Lisa

"Yeah..." - Dan

"NO!!! You can't kill me, I just got my favorite gun." -Lisa

"What? As you come around and try to kill me? Honey, I'm NOT feeling the love!" -Dan

Yup, Halo 3... the ulitmate family time. Full of laughs and when did my 7 year old learn to trash talk?

Final score? Dan: 25, the Kiddo 13, Lisa 9. Mommy needs more practice!