Friday, October 31, 2008

Role Model

The Kiddo after kissing a smurf????
The Kiddo usually has an off kilter day when I leave town on a business trip. This past Monday was no exception, although I think he was comforted by knowing that this would be a short overnight trip for me and I’d be back after only 1 night away.

Thursday rolls around and I head into school to assist his teacher with copies. We have time to chat briefly prior to me running to the copy room and Mrs. R shares as story with me. The Kiddo was fairly weepy on Monday at school and ended up getting in a tiff with on of his friends on the playground. The friend pushed him and the Kiddo pushed back. Well Mrs. R pulled him aside and told the Kiddo that she looks at him to be a role model for the class. She asked him if he knew what the meant and he replied no. Mrs. Rebert explained and then told him since he was doing so well he could earn back responsibility club at the end of the week. Apparently the next day she had a conversation with him again and he asked “Am I being a good role model, still?” She said yes and mentioned how much his behavior changed.

Dr. Tim Kimmel talks about a teacher stepping in and saying similar words of encouragement to him as a junior high kid and what a huge impact that had on his life and his view of himself. I think this comment to the Kiddo by Mrs. R is the same way. The Kiddo has come a long way from being in the principal’s office nearly ever week in first grade to only two visits in second and none in third grade. What a blessing his current teacher is, I am very moved by the encouragement she offered the Kiddo.