Friday, October 12, 2007

40 Seconds of Temptation

Our church is doing a capital campaign to raise funds for a number of new buildings which will allow us to further reach the community and GROW! It's going to be sooooo cool! Dan and I recently made our pledge so things are going to be a little tighter than normal.

With that prefaced, I was shocked to receive a coupon for 25% my entire purchase at one of my favorite stores, Coach. Wow, I love that place. There is nothing better than a beautiful and solidly made Coach purse! Knowing that Christmas is coming up I decided to head to the store and get a gift for my sister-in-law. I walk into the store and take my time cruising around admiring the handiwork. Of COURSE I found an adorable black purse and somehow found myself walking to the counter to pay for this little beauty, all the while feeling slightly guilty because of the cost and our recent commitment to the church. But I brush away my doubts and pay for my item, leaving the store.

Walking out of the store, I become plagued with guilt and lift up a quick prayer for peace & a way out of this situation. Halfway to the car I finally noticed that the bag I'm carrying was heavier than the purse I purchased should be. So, when I arrive at my car I open the trunk and glance in the bag to discover, not the $150 purse I paid for, but a GORGEOUS $460 black bag.

Can I tell you how I just stared at this bag. Hours went by… options flew through my head; after all, no one needed to know… I could just take it home, keep it, use it. Really, who needed to know? I don't know but finally my heart spoke and reminded me that God knows and to honor Him I need to walk back to the store. Maybe this was the answer to my soft prayer and my guilt. So after the longest 40 seconds of my life and with trembling hands, I took those tentative first few steps back towards the mall. Soon I was striding confidently back to Coach to get what I actually paid for… still feeling guilty for the money spent.

I walked in the store placed the bag on the counter and explained to the girl the situation. Her response a nonchalant, "Oh, okay" like I was inconveniencing her. She called to the back for the bag I purchased. As God would have it, the only one left was the floor model. So, after another moment of deliberation (and negotiation for a lower price on the floor model of course… Come on! I'm a CM now!) I returned the bag, got the small gift for McKenzie and a small item for me, leaving the store feeling no guilt and praising God for his hand in this situation.

I'm seriously wondering if Satan lives in the Coach store… or maybe he just shows up when I walk in? Not sure how Jesus managed 40 days of temptation after fasting, to boot.