Monday, May 19, 2008

Running - Over before it began

Went to an orthopedic for the pain I've been having in my knees over the last few months. X-rays didn't reveal anything permanent, but the advice was no more running or "pain" causing activities because permanent damage could result (and arthritis!) .

I'm okay with the no running thing (although it is one of the cheapest easiest ways to get a good cardio groove on & I was all fired up to train for a 5K) but I'm feeling pretty devastated on the no hiking. Never done Camelback and have now been told that's out. I've enjoyed my weekend hikes in the SanTan - just a short 15 minute drive from the homestead and a great place to enjoy a breakfast overlooking the city before resuming my Saturday. Guess I'll have to do the lower trails instead for a while. 

I love to swim and if they ever finish Basha School, I'll be one of the early birds there doing laps. Joey's learned all his strokes and is ready for swim club, maybe he can teach me a thing or two (he'd love that). In the meantime, I'm 5 lbs away from my final goal and ordered some bikinis. Can't wait to check them out.