Thursday, October 18, 2007

Spoiled Rotten

All, right, so my darling hubby is not so good with remembering to bring me flowers or send me sentimental cards, but he does spoil me rotten!

I told him this weekend that I needed $400 to buy a digital camera body to use with my current set of lenses and then proceeded to shared the money making schemes my friends at work thought up (car wash, bake sale - although people would probably pay me more NOT to bake  -, door to door donations, etc.) but I was thinking I could sell one of my older cameras & lenses as a start.

Off my darling Dan went to the men's breakfast at church... to return much later at almost noon! We got ready for the play we were planning to attend Saturday afternoon when he looks at me and says "Aren't you going to notice the box on the bed?" There amongst the rumbled sheets and clean clothes was a box for a brand new Nikon D40x. I was so surprised I cried, and then he cried! He just bought it for me out of the blue. What an awesome hubby I have! Not sure how I got so lucky to have him, but I will certainly keep him. 

Oh, and  HOLY COW this is one sweet camera! Take a look at my photos to see some recent picts I took this weekend!