Friday, September 14, 2007

Scary Dream

Okay, it's been a LLLOOOONNGGGG week. Tuesday night found Joey journeying into our room at 3 am because of a bad dream. He doesn't get them often and usually a quick cuddle with me in our bed and then delivering him safely back to his room with a pat on the head, a kiss on the cheek and a prayer allows him to return to sleepy-land. Not this night.

After trying the normal routine, I found him visiting again at 3:30 am, "Mom, I still can't sleep". Next step let him curl up on the floor in our room. 10 minutes later "Mom, I still can't sleep, I'm so scared." Okay, off to his room to read a story. God's timing is amazing cuz I'm reading this FABULOUS parenting book called Grace Based Parenting and the first section on love about putting your family before you was stuck in my head, so I was miraculously more patient than normal, esp. for that time of the morning.

So, we read the story and I laid down on his floor… trying to doze with his music and lights on, NO success. He's still scared and now I can see light through the blinds, dawn is coming. We resorted to two choices, Mommy to sleep on his floor w/ lights out and music off, or Mommy to return to her room and he can sleep w/ lights on and music. At this point, I must admit, I lost my patience a bit and was a bit harsh in laying out his choices. He was trying hard not to cry and I apologized for my harsh tone. His response in a shaky near tears voice "No, Mommy, it's me who should be sorry. I shouldn't have you up so late." Broke my heart so after a cuddle, he chose option 1: me staying with him so we finally fell asleep about 4:45 am, just prior to my 5:15 am wake-up call.

The dream that caused all this? He dreamt he was at his daddy's house and he shrank. Julie, their cat, was chasing him and trying to eat him. That is a pretty scary dream, for sure. Maybe this first week of school has been more stressful for him than I imagined.

The first thing he says to me at 6:15 am when he wakes up "That sure was some night, huh, Mom."… Little buddy I couldn't agree more.