Monday, August 20, 2007

I'm not sure how I've been so lucky to have such amazing friends since the ripe old age of 11 or so, but Laurie and Beth still stand by me! Laurie recently moved to Colorado so our GNO's have been few and far between but, my girl was in town this weekend and our semi-annual GNO commenced. Historically GNO has really meant somebody cooks and we hang around the house and catch up. However, we've gotten more adventuresome in our old age (although that 30 year b'day celebratory trip never did quite happen). The culmination of our adventures was certainly this Saturday... where we spent the day sharing stories, good eats, pampering and surprisingly pain!!

Here, we enjoy a pazookie at BJ's Bar and Grill. Previous to that Beth got her belly button pierced and since I couldn't let her go it alone, I finally got mine done again, too. I LOVE the flat "ring" they put in, it's got blue jewels in it & is far less painful (pictures to come later). The first time I got my BB pierced they put an actual ring in which gets knocked by your clothes and hurts SOOOO much more!

Laurie wanted a tattoo but Club Tattoo had no openings. We hit another tattoo parlor and made an appointment for her at 8:30 pm. She put down some hard cash on her time which ensured we wouldn't wimp out and not return.

Off to Evan Almighty (SUCH an awesomely funny movie!) and then to meet my love for dinner. 8:00 pm rolled around way too soon and we were off to Living Canvas Tattoo's.

While waiting I asked the receptionist if they had time to insert a little color and some initials on my tattoo. Fortunately they did, so I plopped my booty down and got some pretty color in both the sun and moon and my boys initials added in.

Fortunately it really didn't hurt all that terribly much. The artist did a wonderful job and serenaded me with Nine Inch Nails during the process. Laurie's confidence boosted she soon sat down and got her tattoo done. Her tattoo guy had a total artists attitude and wouldn't let us sit with her, nor talk with her (in fact he turned up the music to prevent our chatter). She braved it out (hers was both larger and more painful for sure) and succeeded in getting her awesome tattoo completed.

After that we were all so exhausted, we headed to Wal-Mart for a late night shopping "spree" prior to the final trip home to clean and lotion our wounds as well as get some rest.

I have to tell you, I love these two gals and am so blessed to have them in my life. However, we probably ought to tone down "next time's" adventures or our husbands won't let us play together anymore! (And just how awesome are those hubbies to love us in spite of our craziness???)

Thanks for an awesome adventure day, ladies!