Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Positive Encouraging K-Love

This morning I asked the Kiddo to put on his shoes. He's in the closet and I hear him putting on his sandals. I ask, "Joey have you had gym already this week?" Thinking he needs his tennis shoes if gym is today.

"Yes, Mom"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes Mom, we had it yesterday."

"You're positive?"

"Postive Encouraging K-Love." he replied with a laugh.

Hmm, guess while listening to that Christian radio station SOMETHING has sunk it. 

A few weeks back the Kiddo and I were talking about salvation and how you get to heaven. I told him that you have to believe in Jesus and ask him to live in your heart. He was like "oh..." Well, the Kiddo recently told me he asked Jesus to come live in his heart. I'm so excited and pray that it's true. He had responded previously when I asked him if he asked Jesus into his heart, "No, I don't need to yet." LOL

Since his bad dream he's been asking me to pray with him every night. He likes the part where we pray for God to seal the doors, windows and cracks so no evil can enter.