Monday, July 23, 2007

Back to School

Seriously, back to school already? It's still JULY!!!

The Kiddo was up at his normal 7 am after getting to bed early last night (a good thing considering the bags under his eyes!). He seemed well rested and ready for the day.

Grammy showed up a few minutes before 8 am with Spunky Girl in tow. She was ready to check out the Kiddo's new school. After a few pictures & and quick prayer, we head off to school.

Sadly, the day was one of those rare occassions where it is muggy and hot and miserable. I'll take our normal dry heat ANY day over what we felt today.

We had some troubles finding the Kiddo's class for line up, but manage to get him to his classroom with no issues. Apparently, this child has become a pro at this school stuff because he certainly lacked the grumpy demeanor that marked the entrance into both Kindergarten and 1st grade. Instead, he was wreaking havoc with the other little boys he knew from 1st grade and taking Spunky Girl down the hall to get drinks of water. 8:25 am found him deposited in his chair at his desk ready to begin a new school year.

My prayer for this year is a better environment for the Kiddo. Hopefully our teacher request will do much to assist with the success of this year. I plan to stay heavily involved in his schooling and volunteering as often as possible to keep tabs on the classroom environment AND the Kiddo's behavior. My biggest regret was not getting involved sooner in his classroom.

Check out my pics for a photo of him back to school!