Sunday, May 6, 2007

God's Hand

Today we had a guest pastor speak, Pastor Dan, who is preparing  to do a church plant. His sermon really resounded with me and with what is going on in my career. Pastor Dan's sermon talked about being obedient to God and trusting He knows what is best for us. Pastor Dan used Moses as an example of how to trust God and be obedient. He related that story to his own journey which has led him to plant a church here in town with us.

I would have to say that this was a message I truly needed to hear. I recently applied for a new job after feeling prompted by the Holy Spirit. I had no desire to apply for the position, but after hearing for the 3rd time that I should apply I decided larger forces were at work here and I should obey. I was able to apply on a Thursday afternoon and 30 minutes later had interviews lined up for the next day. I was not surprised to get a call two Monday's later saying I got the position.

I must admit, I have taken accepted this position kind of kicking and screaming, filled with fear that I will not be successful. (Just like Moses saying "Send someone else!" – Exodus 4:13) That said, I've been praying for joy and excitement to fill me about the new position, on prompting from a wise member of our small group, Kristin.
This past Monday, I left for work praying fervently as I was filled with trepidation about my new role, knowing my first presentation would be due. The previous week's attempt at information gathering had been somewhat painful and less comprehensive that I had hoped. The Lord comforted me with a scripture that I would focus on for the remaining week.

After some admitted tears, brainstorming, information gathering sessions and wise counsel from close co-workers, I was able to pull together a fairly solid presentation that left me feeling a bit more confident in my new job.
How does this relate? Well, first, the small picture is how God is growing me in my current job. He's built my skills to make me successful in the new role and continues to bless me with success. The bigger picture is that this is my fifth job in almost seven years of working for this company. Looking back, I realize that God could have left me where I was most comfortable, but instead He continues to grow me and put me places I never dreamed possible. Every job I have had I have been blessed to be able to take it, succeed, leave a small mark and the move on. Twice He took the position from me to get me to the next level but more recently, since I have become a believer, He has had others seek me out for the positions. Regardless of how, the common factor is His presence. His wisdom and faith in me is greater than anything I could have imagined for myself.

I don't know what thing's He has planned for me, but I am filled with excitement to see what's around the next corner. My prayers for understanding are being answered more quickly as I'm learning to trust Him and recognize His will for my life with each step. My goal is to continue to be obedient to His will no matter how out of my comfort zone it is, and thank Him for the continued opportunities He brings my way for without Him I am nothing.

I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13