Wednesday, March 28, 2007

So Many Lost

Watching TV tonight and Jesse James life story video. Recently married and after only a few short months, his relationship with his pregnant wife is on the rocks. It pains me to see so many couples struggling with their marriages. Co-workers, fellow church goers, and even my marriage has its ups and downs. Things happen that seem  irrepairable. The sense of hopelessness that presses from decisions made in marriages can be so depressing. We as people are so selfish and I don't exclude myself. I make poor decisions each day that hurt the Instigator and can cause strife.

But I thank God for every new day which brings new hope and comfort. Only when we learn Jesus' true love and continual presence in our life can we find the strength we need to continually love our mates. No matter how messed up our pasts are or what our personal baggage is, God is bigger. Only He can make peace from war and a successful marriage from a mess that others would never expect to survive.