Sunday, February 25, 2007

Journaling for a Grateful Heart

Was reading through my Simple Scrapbooks Mag tonight at the park. One of the contributors did this amazing page about her husband based on comments she made about him through out 2006. I thought that was very cool and wanted to start my own verson of snipets, a sentence or two about my boys, my family and my life. Reasons for me to remember how blessed I am. Reasons for me to have hope.

This weekend I went to Beth Moore's Telecast "Get out of that Pit" and it really spoke to my heart. Satan has been waging spiritual warfare through a sense of hopelessness about the Kiddo's school situation. Fortunately, I have TRUTH on my side that tells me GOD has our family's best interests at heart and he is in complete control. I need to remember that when those moments of being over whelmed occur.

I start back to work tomorrow after two weeks off as I recover from wrist surgery to have a ganglion cyst removed. I'm sad to go back. The mini vacation (although at times boring cuz I couldn't use my hand) will be over. So sad. I need to win the lottery!