Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dancin' Fool

Wow, you are a passionate and creative young man.

Since your Aiwa cd player/stereo started skipping, I gave you my 10 year old Pioneer CD Player and Receiver. (Let me tell you, this is a total step up from the Fisher Price stereo I got as a ten year old.) You quickly figured out how to use the buttons to find your favorite songs. Currently, that would be the Drama Queen song by Family Force Five. You sing this song in the shower, in the car and pretty much anytime you think of it!

Well, tonight you broke out the dance moves. You kept saying over and over how you don't even know where you learned these cool moves. You danced for 30 minutes straight and, although you broke a sweat, you didn't stop for any longer than it took you to find the next cool song! Then you explained to me that you learn to dance at night. You informed me that you get a phone call in the middle of the night to go on a TV show and that's where you dance. (Since Dan and I are So You Think You Can Dance addicts, and Dan has saved the last episode of the show from last September, I think this is where you idea was spawned.) If I were to wake up at night and check you room, I might find you gone. Assuming that's the case, you told me that I need to run to the TV, turn it on and look for you on the dance show. You informed me that you'd be number 3 on the show (not number 1, as you kindly pointed out.). Buddy, I am SO game!

I must say, your energy, creativity and style are to be envied. I'm thinking a clip of this video, sent to Family Force Five is a necessity.