Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I'm the King

The Kiddo informed me today that since he was wearing the Burger King Crown, I had to do whatever he told me. Some of the royal decrees included letting him have his candy now, instead of waiting until tomorrow. Adjustable bath time and he wanted to hear a story about him and a helicopter were all on the list.

When we arrived home, I asked him to do a number of things for me, including feeding Phil and picking up his toys. He told me that since I giving him stuff to do, that I get to wear the crown. He was a very good little subject! :)

Earlier that evening at Burger King, while the Kiddo was playing he hurt his foot. I told him we'd give him an Epsom Salt bath to help his foot feel better once we got home. I forgot when we arrived at home, but he was diligent in reminding me, "Mom, I need those salts for my sore foot!"