Tuesday, December 6, 2005

It Just Fell Out - tooth #3

Today at school (kindergarten), the Kiddo lost his 3rd tooth. His story goes something like this:

"I went to lunch and my tooth hurt real bad, but I ate anyway. Then in circle time I used my tongue to move my tooth behind the other one and when I looked down and it fell out! Everybody got to see it and thought it was cool. They just put my tooth in a bag and I put it in my backpack."

The tooth fairy was delayed in coming the next morning. We forgot it the night he lost night, because we arrived home so late. The next night we stashed it safely under his pillow. When he got up the next morning, I asked the Kiddo if the tooth fairy had stopped by. He told me, "No, she didn't come. I looked under my pillow and the tooth was still there." The disappointment in his voice was so thick it made my heart break. It was still dark out, so I told the Kiddo that maybe the tooth fairy had not come becuase she was busy and he woke up too soon. Luckily that was the case he found the money just before he went to school. Sometimes, the tooth fairy just gets super busy!